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Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

In addition to their normal dog food, dogs also like to eat human food, but it can only serve as a special gift. It is well known that most dog owners like to share food with their dogs, but there are human foods that dogs should never eat. Some foods are very dangerous for dogs.

Remember that a dog's digestive system is too sensitive and does not tolerate certain human foods. It's important to be knowledgeable about the foods your dog can eat and others that may not be good for your dog.

In this article, we will talk about pretzels and their effects on a dog's health. If you like pretzels, you may be wondering if you can share them with your dog. Are pretzels harmless or toxic to dogs? Read this article and you'll discover it, but first, we'll tell you more about pretzels.

Learn more about pretzels

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Almost everyone loves to eat pretzels. Pretzels are crunchy cookies baked in sticks or knots and seasoned with salt. In fact, the pretzel is a type of baked bread made from dough. The pretzels are from Europe and come from the Middle Ages. The most common spice for pretzels is salt, but there are also sugars, chocolates, seeds or nuts.

Most people like pretzels, but what about dogs? Can we share pretzels with our dog friends? Keep reading and you will discover.

Short Answer: Can Dogs Eat Pretzels?

The short answer: not really. The problem is not with the pretzel itself. Salt is the problem.

Technically, the pretzel is not toxic even for dogs. Whether it's a soft or hard pretzel, dogs can sometimes eat small amounts of pretzels without salt or taste.

Even with salt, your dog will probably be fine if he has only one or two bites of your pretzel. But it's easy to overdo it. Dogs are very sensitive to salt.

A 33-pound dog should not consume more than 100 mg of sodium per day. According to Google, a serving of one ounce of hard pretzels contains 359 mg of sodium, more than three times the daily limit.

Excessive sodium intake can quickly lead to salt poisoning, which in many cases is a medical emergency.

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Are pretzels safe for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

If your dog has already eaten a pretzel, you do not need to panic immediately. Nothing bad happens when your dog has eaten a small number of pretzels. A single pretzel does not contain enough salt that can harm your dog. Dogs can not usually resist them. However, it is known that pretzels are very salty, so they are not the best option for your dog.

A small number of pretzels will not hurt your dog, so you can use them occasionally. Studies have shown that dogs can sometimes eat pretzels. Of course, you should not feed your dog too often and in large quantities with pretzels. Although pretzels in small amounts are not harmful, they still do not provide your dog with the necessary nutrients. Therefore, it is better to choose another snack for your dog.

As we said before, large amounts of pretzels can be very harmful to your dog. Too much salt can cause excessive urination and thirst in your dog and cause sodium ion poisoning. Symptoms of this poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, increased body temperature, depression, tremors, and seizures. In some severe cases, this poisoning can also cause coma and even death. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should stop giving pretzels to your dog and look for another treatment. If you notice signs of sodium intoxication, it is recommended to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

You have probably heard of sweet pretzels. If you wonder if these pretzels are safe for your dog, we have bad news for you. Sweet pretzels can be as dangerous for your dog as salty pretzels. You should avoid raisin pretzels because raisins are toxic to dogs. As we said, it is better not to use pretzels.

However, if you want to include pretzels in your dog's diet, you must do it slowly. Your dog's digestive system is sensitive, so high levels of pretzels can be very harmful to your health. Start with a very small amount and watch your dog's reaction closely. If side effects occur, your dog's digestive system can not tolerate this type of food.

Are pretzels good for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

In terms of the short version of events, the answer to the question of whether dogs can eat pretzels is a bit complex; In short, yes, they can, but they should not.

What seems to be an innocent snack for the master of the human-dog has almost no food, except for a delicious taste and interesting texture.

Dogs do not like humans, let alone their digestive system.

Because we love to welcome dogs into our home and family, it's easy to forget that dogs simply can not eat, digest and enjoy as much as we humans do.

The good news is that pretzels are not toxic to dogs, unless they explicitly contain garlic or onion, or nutmeg or chocolate toppings, for the sweetest ones.

In general, the easier the pretzel is for your dog, even if it only reduces health risks instead of adding significant nutritional value.

The reason so many people speak against dogs that eat pretzels is undoubtedly in large quantities, the salt content they contain and which often covers them.

Salt is treated as something that improves the taste and appeal of certain foods for us, but it is the same habit in the world that eliminates so much that we eat from the dog menu.

Generally, it is more natural than processed, baked or otherwise prepared foods that can better feed your dogs.

In other words, if you throw a lightly cooked pretzel your way, you will not harm your dog as long as it does not contain any of the flavors or ingredients we talked about that are toxic.

But when it comes to treats for your dog, it's best to avoid pretzels and consider something healthier if you're looking for reward snacks or incentives for good behavior.

No matter how much your pretzel dog likes, eating these treats is probably going too far.

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Dangers of pretzels for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Most of the risks of giving pretzels to your dog, be they large baked soft pretzels or smaller baked and snack pretzels found in stores, are based on the flavors with which they are often combined.

After all, these snacks are designed to be eaten and enjoyed by people. As a result, there is often very little reason to give one to your dog.

In addition, many of the ingredients that make up pretzels can endanger, if not directly, the health of your dog.

The main culprit that really prevents dog owners from giving their dogs regular pretzels is salt.

Salt tolerance in dogs depends on their size, breed, age and even if the dog has already consumed a lot of salty food or not.

Some dogs vomit as soon as they eat something salty, and others devour happily, whatever, and seem not to be hurt, at least at first sight.

Salt and sodium in dogs are dangerous because they can affect and ultimately unbalance the way your dog gets moisture.

Even a touch of salt, as found in one or two pretzels cooked next to a steering wheel behind the ears, can make your dog gasp for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. If your dog has to eat large quantities of pretzels or discover that they are an integral part of his eating habits, there is a real risk of sodium in your pet.

This is the case if your dog has more salt and therefore more fluid loss than enough water to react.

The body system of your dog reacts by trying to expel the water to compensate for the levels of sodium in the bloodstream.

As expected, excessive toilet use is catastrophic for your pet when first cleaned of salt, causing severe damage and even long-term neurological damage.

Indeed, your dog simply does not have the resources to effectively digest salt and deal with its side effects.

Remember that not only pretzels can blame here. Everything is salty that your dog has been eating for a long time and is starting to seriously affect his daily functioning.

Salt poisoning in dogs

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

When dogs abuse salt, they usually drink more water to counter the effects. In many cases, drinking additional water prevents harmful effects. If your dog has only one or two bites of his pretzel, he may find that he is drinking more than usual. If it is a big dog, a bite may not affect it. For smaller breeds, a little salt can be too much.

When dogs consume a lot of salt or there is no water available to counter the effects, the body releases water to balance the salt in the blood. Lack of water destroys brain cells and triggers neurological symptoms.

In most cases, salt poisoning is the result of dogs eating homemade modeling dough, rock salt, ornaments or table salt. However, if your dog gets into a bag of pretzels, salt poisoning can develop.

Signs and symptoms of salt intoxication in dogs

  • Confusion
  • comma
  • a headache
  • fever
  • obstacle
  • lack of energy
  • foreclosures
  • anorexia
  • Extreme thirst
  • Increased pulse
  • liquid accumulation
  • stomach ache
  • nausea
  • muscle cramps
  • Throws up
  • swelling of the tongue
  • respiratory disorder
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea

To diagnose the disease, veterinarians usually perform blood gases, a complete blood count, blood chemistry and urine tests. Veterinarians can also perform x-rays, ECG, CT, MRI, and ultrasound to determine the extent of damage to the heart, brain, and lungs.

If dogs develop salt poisoning, they must be treated by a veterinarian. In general, dogs receive intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen and electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Salinity should be gradually reduced to avoid brain inflammation or heart attack.

Depending on the severity of the poisoning, values ​​can take up to three days to fall into a normal range. Veterinarians can provide hot water infusions every few hours to help with this.

Your vet will probably send you back to a blood test to check your sodium levels within 30 days. If the values ​​look good and there is no sign of damage to the heart, brain or lungs, the prognosis is good.

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Other concerns

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Salt is the biggest problem with pretzels. But what about salt-free varieties? Any type of flavored pretzel can also be dangerous for dogs. Some may contain toxic ingredients that may be as harmful or more harmful than salt, including:

  • garlic
  • onions
  • chocolate
  • Poppy
  • nutmeg
  • sugar
  • Büffelsoße
  • chilies
  • jalapeños
  • Raisins

In many cases, pretzels contain salt and these harmful ingredients.

Unless you buy simple pretzels, read the list of ingredients, or make your own homemade pretzels, it's not a safe gift to feed your dog.

How many pretzels can a dog eat daily?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Suppose it's smaller, baked pretzels that are easier to throw away like little treats. If you do it daily, you should not give more than one a day to your pet, let alone if you ask a puppy or a small dog.

Hopefully, you should not give pretzels regular pretzels even if you cook them at home and handle the ingredients very carefully.

After all, these snacks also contain many carbohydrates that can accumulate in your dog's system with as much ugliness as long-term salt.

Dogs are not very good at treating carbohydrates and often convert a lot of them into fats, which can lead to long-term weight gain.

As you can imagine, weight gain in dogs is often a stepping stone for even greater risks and health damage, including diabetes.

You probably have plenty of freshwater for your puppy when he has eaten pretzels, especially if he has tried them for the first time.

The experience of new foods can often be frustrating, or at least surprising, time for your pet, and you want to make sure that all you need is what you need to adapt.

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What to do if your dog eats pretzels

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Whether it's a big spilled bag that delivers snacks on the kitchen floor or an excellent gift that gives your dog a well-meaning parent during a family picnic, there are many reasons why your dog could eat pretzels without them. knowledge

This is at least potentially an emergency, only when onions and garlic are involved in the taste of these pretzels, or if it is the newest variety of chocolate.

Be sure to contact your veterinarian in such situations to find out what advice you can get.

You may be asked to bring your dog for an examination or treatment, or it is recommended to check your dog for symptoms.

You should do this if your dog has eaten many pretzels anyway, especially young dogs, puppies and small breeds of dogs.

Indeed, the salt of these pretzels, if consumed at the same time, can have very bad side effects.

These are not just limited to abdominal pain or vomiting: your dog's tongue may be swollen, he or she may feel an incredible thirst or even show signs of dizziness, disorientation, and nausea.

Your veterinarian will probably want to examine your dog if these symptoms also persist, and keep in mind that in these cases, it may take a few days for your dog to fully recover.

However, it is also likely that your dog is doing well, but do not try to steal pretzels.


As you have seen in this article, you can occasionally feed your dog with pretzels. You should not use pretzels too often because they are covered with salt, which can be very dangerous for your dog. As we have already said, too much salt can cause salt poisoning and even death.

To avoid health risks, it is best not to feed your dog's pretzels because they do not provide your dog with valuable nutrients. It is best to ask your veterinarian to recommend quality food for your dog, to be sure your dog will have a healthy and balanced diet. A well-thought diet provides your dog with all the nutrients he needs to be healthy and active.

Remember that you alone are responsible for the health of your dog. Think carefully before giving your dog new food.


Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?
Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? Should Dogs Eat Pretzels?

Pretzels are generally so neutral that dogs can eat them, usually, they do not harm your dog when they feed in small quantities, and they do not feed their pets either.

However, it is the flavors that pretzels of all shapes and sizes never have the greatest risk for your dog.

These risks include highly toxic examples such as garlic powder or onion powder coating and less severe but always unpleasant salt-related problems.

This is often the real culprit and surprisingly unpleasant because the symptoms of thirst and discomfort make your dog much less easy to notice unless you really know what to look for.

For this reason, veterinarians and experts recommend other dog treats instead of pretzels. However, if your dog is stealing nothing, it does not matter.

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