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【Blog Post】 Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Good Or Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

One of the traits of a responsible dog owner is how to feed his dog. By this, we mean nutrition and the difference between good and bad food for your dog. Yams are one of humans' favorite foods, and probably your dog also likes a bite, right? But, for your dog, eating yams is not the same as eating canned foods. One of them can be deadly. Learn which and why.
Nothing says the house like candied yams and sweet potato. Have a hot bite of mom yam specialty pieces every worry outside. The only thing that overcomes this feeling is having a canine friend to greet you at the door every day. If you know the dogs' desire to see everything they see, you know the fight.
So, should you defend your yams from a furry friend or leave him a mouthful? Or two. Read on and find out if it's safe to leave yams next to your boyfriend.

Yams and sweet potatoes are one of the best choices for choosing a gaffe rich in vitamins and fiber. Rich in fiber and vitamins for the man. These look-alikes are full of minerals, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is first considered to be natural retinol or another word a vitamin A. Vitamin A is found in vegetables and some fruits. However, if something is good for humans, is it also good and safe for your dog? Can we get the same benefits from eating identical foods?
Most dogs are hypnotized by food and their obsession sometimes causes them trouble. Dogs are known to sneak food on counters, dig up vegetables from the garden and many enjoy a fiery root in the trash. They simply can not help themselves. But if your dog has eaten yam, should you worry? Are yams safe for dogs?

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What Are Yams?

Dating from 50000 BC, yam is one of the oldest cultivated tubers in history. There are more than 600 yam varieties, most of which are native to Africa and Asia. Yams are often confused with sweet potatoes because of smart marketing, but the real yams that go to the United States come from the Caribbean.

Are Yams The Same as Sweet Potatoes?

The terms "yam" and "sweet potato" are often used interchangeably, but they are entirely different root vegetables. Yams have a coarse brown skin that is reminiscent of tree bark, and their flesh has an amylaceous rather than sweet taste. Yams are frequently used in Caribbean and West African cuisine. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are found mainly in the United States and have yellow or orange flesh that has a sweet flavor.

True yams can be hard to find in the United States. Conventional grocery stores often label sweet potatoes as yams, when in fact they are often a Louisiana sweet potato variety marketed as yams. However, health food stores and ethnic grocery stores often offer real yams.

Yam on a white surface with a white background.

The Difference Between a Yam And a Sweet Potato(Yam Vs. Potato)

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

True yam is a starchy dry tuber from a vine in the tropics. They have rough, dark skins that are hard to peel and can go from a white color to a reddish color. You will probably only see real yams in a specialty store when the yams are imported. 95% of the yams are grown on the African continent.

Yams tend to be cylindrical and less sweet. When grocers call the yam orange sweet potato variety, they try to differentiate between the two most common sweet potato varieties.

Sweet potatoes are a staple crop of the Americas. You are used to seeing them as an orange-fleshed tuber with coppery brown skin. Or with golden skin with soft, pale flesh. Walleye tends to be less sweet

Can Dogs Eat Yams?

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

First, if you are not sure about your dog's nutrition and what is safe or not for him in general, it might be a good idea to better educate yourself on the subject - what food is bad for the dogs.

When it comes to eating yams, both true and sweet potato option, you should know that yams are a great addition to your canine friend's meal. There is no difference if you serve them in small portions, cooked or unseasoned.
Dogs love cooked yams. They see it as a snack.

Important: Many pet manufacturers include yams in their dog food.

So, if your dog runs away with a cooked yam from your counter, he'll be fine. Even if he runs off with sweet potatoes, it should be ok too. However, beware if the cooked option contains nutmeg, which is very toxic to dogs.

Yes, dogs can eat yams. Filled with vitamin C and fiber, yams are a fat-free, low-calorie treat for all dogs, especially chubby dogs who struggle with their weight.

Can Dogs Eat Raw And Cooked Yams?

While dogs can eat raw and raw yams, it is usually best for dogs to avoid starches and uncooked fiber in raw yams as they can be difficult to digest.

ULTIMATE GUIDE: Everything Your Dog Can And An Not Eat

Dogs should avoid canned yams (which are rare in the US) because they often contain preservatives, sugars, and sodium - all of which can be problematic for dogs in large quantities. Also, if your dog has stolen cooked yams from the kitchen table, make sure the yams have not been prepared with nutmeg, which is toxic to dogs in any amount.

Health Benefits of Yams for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

Yam is not only a delicious treat for dogs, but it is a centuries-old medicinal cure for a variety of common diseases, including arthritis and diabetes. While researchers and veterinarians are still unsure of yam's effectiveness as a medical treatment, there is some evidence to suggest that these tuberous root vegetables more than tasty.

You would be surprised at how much your dog can benefit from this food. The minerals found in yam are important for a range of important bodily functions, including the maintenance of good bone health, nerves, and even the immune system.

Besides, a high level of fiber supports your dog's digestive system. First, yams are an excellent source of essential and additional minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and calcium. Your dog will strengthen his immune system with yams.

Suppresses Inflammation

Yam contains a phytosteroid called diosgenin. It is an anti-inflammatory that has been used in clinical trials to treat rheumatoid arthritis, which is a chronic disease in many dogs that causes inflammation of the joints.

Improves Renal And Hepatic Function

Diosgenin in yams is also a starting material for a variety of steroidal pharmaceuticals used to treat infections. An extensive 2002 study found that yam can "promote GLP-1 release and improve cellular function in both kidneys and liver".

Antioxidant Properties

US researchers have found that the nutrients and compounds in yams prevent carcinogenesis - the formation of cancer cells - by acting as an antioxidant and anti-carcinogen.

BG Regulations

Yam is rich indiscretion, which some veterinary researchers say helps regulate blood sugar, especially in diabetic dogs. Although conclusive evidence has not yet been established - a joint study by Garhwal University and Kumaun University states that discretion in yams "improves insulin sensitivity".

Include Yams in Your Dog's Diet

Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Yams? Is Yams Safe For Dogs?

Fortunately, it's easy enough to include some healthy yam in your dog's diet. Cut some ½ "pieces into raw yam. Boil until soft enough to pass your fork, and cool until it is slightly warm to the touch. Fork this sweet puree into your dog's food bowl, alone or with his usual food. However, pay attention to how much you give to your dog initially. Like all things with tons of fiber, too much can cause gastrointestinal distress, leaving you with an unexpected mess.

Dried yam can also make delicious dog treats. To learn how to make it at home, check out our recipe for dehydrated vegetable treats. I would avoid sharing the remnants of Thanksgiving/holidays that contain yam / sweet potato because nutmeg is usually present in these dishes.

As always, let your veterinarian know that you want to add cooked yam or sweet potato to your dog's meals. They will be able to recommend an appropriate amount for the size and breed of your dog, as well as help you avoid messy fiber traps.


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