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Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Nutella is a spread made of sugar, cocoa, milk, and hazelnut. These ingredients are all unnecessary and potentially dangerous additions to your dog's diet. In simple terms, no food containing cocoa (chocolate) should be given to your dog.

There are two main reasons why Nutella should not be given to dogs.

Nutella Contains Cocoa (Chocolate)

One of the ingredients used to make Nutella is cocoa. The actual amount of cocoa contained in a pot of Nutella is exclusive information. As a result, we can not accurately determine the amount of cocoa added to the recipe.

Chocolate Is Toxic To Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Theobromine, an alkaloid compound of chocolate, is also present in Nutella.
This substance stimulates the cardiovascular system (as well as the central nervous system) by causing an increase in blood pressure.
There is a similar effect in humans.
The main difference is ...
Compared to dogs, people can metabolize theobromine (and therefore Nutella) much more easily.

Symptoms Of Pet Poisoning

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Familiarize yourself with the signs of toxicity, especially if this spread is popular in your household.

You never know when your dog will accidentally eat chocolate or Nutella.

Common side effects are:

1. Diarrhea (often seen)
2. Vomiting (often seen)
3. General weakness
4. Increased heart rate
5. Seizures
6. Muscle stiffness
7. Increased body temperature
8. Agitation
9. Frequent urination

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A Poison Plan Of Nutella

Act fast if your dog has problems. Do not wait!
Severe cases can lead to seizures, coma or even death.
Get help from a veterinarian!
They first tell you to make the dog vomit.
Sometimes, hydrogen peroxide is mixed with water to achieve it. Activated charcoal can also be an option.

One thing is sure:
It is essential to keep your dog well hydrated with plenty of water.
Trust a veterinarian and do it as soon as possible for any type of intoxication (including a case involving Nutella).

Better Dog Food

Forget about Nutella and think about feeding the following foods:

Oatmeal - Make sure it is cooked and without other ingredients. It's good for the heart and digestion.

Chicken - This meat is high in protein and is an excellent substitute for dog food.

Raw and unsalted peanut butter - Rich in niacin, healthy fats, and vitamins B and E.

Apples - Cut them into slices and remove the kernel and seeds. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C and fiber. It can also refresh your dog's breath!

Needless to say, any amount of cocoa is bad since cocoa is toxic to dogs. Based on my experience working at the ASPCA Poison Center, Nutella probably contains less cocoa than a medium Hershey milk chocolate bar.

Methylxanthines (theobromine and caffeine) are the chemicals found in cocoa and dangerous for dogs. One ounce of Nutella (two tablespoons) should contain less than 64 mg of methylxanthines per ounce. This would suggest that an ounce of Nutella is unlikely to cause serious signs for a healthy 10-pound dog.

If we use 64 mg/oz as a rough estimate of the concentration of Nutella, 3.5 ounces or more could potentially cause significant problems involving the heart and the central nervous system (CNS). Any amount of Nutella could cause stomach upset.

Common signs associated with chocolate ingestion include:

1. hyperactivity
2. Anxiety
3. Panting
4. Vomiting
5. Diarrhea
6. Extremely fast heart rate
7. Arrhythmias
8. Tremors
9. Seizures
10. Death

Nutella Contains Too Much Sugar And Fat

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Nutella contains a whopping 21 grams of sugar and 12 grams of fat. Dogs have trouble digesting large amounts of sugar and fat. The most common symptom associated with eating too much sugar and fat is stomach ache. However, in some cases, an abnormally high intake of sugar and fat can lead to pancreatitis.

The risk of pancreatitis increases with increasing amounts of sugar or fat. Signs of pancreatitis usually begin within 24 to 48 hours of exposure and worsen over time.

The pancreatitis indicators include:

1. Vomiting prolonged
2. Prolonged diarrhea
3. Lack of appetite
4. Stomach pain
5. Dehydration
6. Depression

What To Do If Your Dog Is Eating Nutella

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

Chances are slim that a dog develops life-threatening problems after eating a small amount of Nutella. However, because other health issues are a problem, it is best to contact your local veterinarian or animal poison control center.

After a slight ingestion, you can usually expect your veterinarian to be able to accompany you in your home treatment. However, be prepared to transfer your dog to a local clinic for treatment if your dog swallows a large amount.

Induce Vomiting To Remove Nutella From The Stomach.

Administration of activated charcoal to prevent further absorption.
Hospitalization to monitor signs of stimulation and administer intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration.
The administration of drugs to counter any dangerous effects on the heart of the central nervous system, such as arrhythmias or convulsions.
Pancreatitis itself can be life-threatening if left untreated. If you choose to observe your dog at home, you should immediately transport him to a veterinary clinic if you notice the development of pancreatitis.

Avoid At All Cost giving Nutella To Your Dog

If you check the ingredients of Nutella, you will see that it contains not only sugar, but also cocoa and palm oil, soy, hazelnuts and skim milk.

As this is a highly processed food, Nutella should be avoided not only in dogs but also in humans.

After all, giving your child such high doses of refined sugar and chocolate will not be the best nutritional recommendation.
But when it comes to dogs, chocolate can be toxic. When dogs consume large amounts of cocoa, they may be intoxicated
Cocoa contains a substance called theobromine, which is also catastrophic for your dog. He can increase his heart rate beyond the limit and cause problems to his cardiovascular and nervous system.

These are all very serious, especially when the temptation is only temporary.

What Will Happen To a Dog Poisoned By Cocoa?

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? 

If a dog is poisoned by the consumption of chocolate, it will likely present the following symptoms:

1. Diarrhea
2. Weakness
3. Vomiting
4. Agitation
5. High heart rate
6. Seizures
7. Frequent urination

All these elements are warning signs to take into account. If your dog has any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate help from a veterinarian.

It is best to induce vomiting of your dog so as not to aggravate the situation.

To do this, you can use active charcoal or an equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

At the same time, you must hydrate your dog throughout the process.

Nutella Alternatives For Dogs

Keeping in mind that your dog has a different taste, you can easily find alternatives to Nutella that are both delicious and nutritious.

For example, you can cook oatmeal and serve it to your dog.

This will provide enough fiber and help your dog with his digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Just be careful not to add other ingredients to oatmeal, such as honey.
If you want to try something different, unsalted peanut butter is a great option. It is rich in healthy fats and niacin, while your dog will love its crispy and creamy texture.
Chicken is a treat for your dog. It's lean and full of protein. Grill or boil and let your dog savor it! Please do not serve your fried chicken dog.

Finally, do not forget that apples are also a treat for your dog's health. Slice or cut into cubes. Make sure you rip the apple and remove the seeds before giving them to your furry friend.


Nutella is not a good food for dogs. If you really care about your friend, never feed him Nutella.

It's toxic and does not deserve the risk.

Instead, try delicious alternatives that will not only keep your dog happy, but also healthy and fit for a long time!


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