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Can Dogs Eat Jerky? Is Jerky Bad Or Good For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Jerky?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

What is Jerky?

Charqui is meat, poultry or fish cut into strips and then jerky to prevent deterioration. The elimination of water makes the tank extremely light. A pound of meat weighs only three to four ounces after being processed into jerky meat. Because most of the moisture is removed, Jerky is storage stable and can be stored without refrigeration. The scientific principle involved in preserving food by drying is that, by eliminating moisture, enzymes can not come in contact with food or react effectively. This prevents the food from turning badly.

Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

The answer is yes and no.

jerky beef and jerky meat do not present any inherent or unhealthy danger. In fact, in moderation, jerky meat can be a great treat for your dog.

The problem with the human doggie, however, lies in the ingredients and spices. Salt, garlic, onion powder, and black pepper can be potentially harmful to your dog. Every dog ​​is different and we would never want to disturb a stomach, or worse, make a friend on all fours sick.
We recommend that you exercise caution. We do not recommend feeding your dog with jerky beef made for human consumption. Instead, we suggest sharing high quality, beef-based treats specially made for pets. Make sure you read the label and ingredients clearly. We recommend that you purchase high-quality dog ​​treats manufactured in the United States that have been formulated for dogs.

Jerky For Humans

Can Dogs Eat Jerky?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

With the invention of refrigeration and many other methods of preserving food, jerky meat has lost its importance as a food source. Nevertheless, jerky has remained a popular meat dish in many countries of the world. Today, jerky is available in an almost unlimited choice of flavors. The range of producers ranges from hand-crafted delicatessens, ranging from small-scale exotic meats to mass-produced deli meats typically found near supermarket sales counters. All jerky meat products intended for human consumption are characterized by their salt content and high spice content. Jerky made for human consumption is therefore not recommended as a dog treat.

Jerky For Dogs

Dog treats have become increasingly popular in recent years. Made from quality meats, the charqui can be a very healthy snack and highly recommended for dogs.

Why Is Jerky Beef Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Jerky?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

jerky beef is a great snack for humans. It is a lean protein, easy to store and ideal for hiking and outdoor activities. However, jerky beef that you might find in a grocery store should NOT be given to your pet. Some of the main reasons to avoid giving your dog jerky beef are:

1. The ingredients

Many packages of jerky beef contain spices that can make your dog sick. Did you know that dogs can not eat garlic, onions and some nuts? Many jerky beef meat flavors contain onion powder, nutmeg and garlic powder in the seasoning. Although the amount of toxins actually ingested is probably not enough to cause a serious or life-threatening emergency, it may be enough to get your dog sick.

Many dog ​​owners forget to check the ingredients label before spoiling their dogs, especially if they seem harmless. Reading about foods to avoid can save you a visit to the vet or sick or vomiting dog. Prevention is better than cure, avoid jerky beef.

2. High Sodium

In general, dogs should avoid foods high in sodium. Although sodium is an important part of a healthy diet, too much can be a health risk. Too much sodium causes an increase in blood pressure and can lead to kidney problems or heart disease. jerky beef has very high levels of sodium. In fact, one ounce of jerky beef contains five times the amount of sodium recommended per day for a 33-pound dog! If your dog ingests a lot of jerky beef, he can get sick and require medical attention. Avoid giving your dog jerky beef and other foods high in sodium.

3. Packages Of Silica Gel

Almost all packages of jerky beef contain silica gel sachets to maintain freshness and prevent packages from becoming too wet. You've probably seen these packs in many different products, from food to clothes to shoes, etc. These are small white packets no bigger than a packet of sugar.

Silica gel is toxic to humans and animals, and packets come with warning labels saying "Silica gel - Do not consume". However, if the package is in the bag of jerky beef, it can give a smell of food to your dog. If your dog eats one of these packs, he may have gastrointestinal disturbances, vomiting, and diarrhea. Depending on the amount consumed, this may require an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Avoid giving your dog jerky beef or storing it in a place where your dog might get into the package and accidentally eat silica gel.

What Is A Safe Alternative To Jerky Beef?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

Instead of giving your dog a piece of jerky meat, find products specifically designed for dogs. jerky beef for dogs has all the benefits of jerky beef - a lean protein that is good for joint health and easy to store - but does not pose a health risk to your dog.

Beef jerky treats for dogs contain less sodium and do not contain seasoning that would make your dog sick. These packages may still contain silica gel sachets to control moisture levels. Make sure that the packaging is out of reach of your pet. Jerky meat dog treats contain chondroitin and glucosamine, good for your dog's joints. They are also high in protein and easy to digest by your dog. Use these jerky treats as an incentive for training or as a reward after a long day after the dog park.

Jerky's Benefits As a Dog Treats

1. Dehydration is a mild, low-temperature process that better preserves vitamins and other temperature-sensitive nutrients than cooking, cooking, or frying. The high-quality jerky is rich in vitamins and nutrients.
2. Dehydrated meat is a very dense source of protein. Depending on the type of meat used, the charqui can contain more than 85% of high-quality protein.
3. The single-ingredient stuff, for example, made from chicken breast or turkey breast is extremely lean. This makes this kind of jerky meat a treat for dogs on a diet.
4. Due to the low water content, the charqui is relatively hard and rubbery. When dogs eat dehydrated meat, this process helps eliminate plaque and tartar. 5. As a result, it contributes to the overall dental hygiene of dogs.
As the high-quality jerky is made entirely of meat, it is a perfect snack for malnourished dogs.

How To Know If Jerky Is Of Good Quality?

Unfortunately, not all dog treats are labeled jerky, they contain true rummage. Often, "jerky dog" contains additives, fillers, and preservatives. In almost all cases, these substances have been added to allow the mass production of dog treats, optimized by an optimal profit margin, from inferior ingredients and food quality.

What About The Dog Jerky Who Killed a Group Of Dogs?

Dog owners across the country were horrified when they learned that dogs were dying after consuming some brands of jerky dog ​​treats. Thousands of dogs have died from different brands of jerky chicken meat specially designed for dogs. These dogs died of kidney disease because the chicken was glycerin contaminated or irradiated. Stores will no longer have these candies on the shelves, but this should serve as a warning about buying cheaper brands of dog treats.

Is Human Beef Jerky A Safe Snack For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Jerky?
Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

The answer: yes and no. The danger of jerky beef is not the beef or meat contained in the product; these are the spices used to perfume it. While the variety of spices found in jerky meat snacks is incredibly delicious and salivates both humans and dogs, some of them make dogs really sick.

First, the charqui is very rich in salt. To preserve the charqui, it is treated with a saline solution. This adds to the flavor, but it also makes the jerky stable. One may wonder if this level of salt is healthy for humans. The USDA reports that an ounce of jerky beef contains 590 milligrams of sodium. As a human being, you should consume less than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day. Three ounces of jerky beef will allow you to exceed this limit. In comparison, a 33-pound dog should not have more than 100 milligrams of sodium a day. An ounce of charqui is more than five times their healthy limit!

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