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Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

Can my Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is  Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?
Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

The fresh colored gemstones are popular during the holidays for good reason: their seeds make an excellent garnish and the fruits themselves are a magnificent centerpiece. Not only that, but they are a staple in Persian food - and their juice has become increasingly available in local grocery stores. Humans benefit from pomegranate, but what about dogs? Can your dog taste a pomegranate as a snack? Perhaps. We've done a lot of research and it's a bit more complex than a simple yes or no.

First, grenades are not toxic to dogs. In fact, pomegranates have many health benefits and offer our pets fruit, juice and extracts. These beautiful autumn fruits are rich in antioxidants and high in fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamin C. That said, eating a large amount of raw pomegranate can upset your dog's stomach. It is, therefore, best to provide small bites or better, offer dog treats or foods enriched with pomegranate.
Pomegranate tannins are thought to upset the stomach of a dog. However, dog treats containing pomegranate are not so rich in tannins and offer the benefits of pomegranate for safe health.

Are Pomegranates Good For Dogs?

It can not be denied that pomegranate is a healthy fruit! It contains more antioxidants than any type of berry. For years, scientists have been touting its anti-aging abilities for humans.

These healthy antioxidants may have some benefits for dogs, but they are very minor, depending on how I can give my dog. And because of the high probability that this fruit causes stomach upset to your doggie, we simply can not recommend it.

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Benefits Of Pomegranate Extract For Dogs

Although raw pomegranate seeds and pomegranate can cause stomach upset in dogs, pomegranate extracts have been studied as potentially very healthy additions to your dog's diet.

A recent study also showed that supplementation with pomegranate peel extract (PPE) from a dog's diet could have a positive impact on the health of his digestive and intestinal system. Do not give your dog raw pomegranate skin because it is difficult to digest.

Another promising study showed that pomegranate extract had a positive effect on the heart health of dogs. Consult your veterinarian if you wish to supplement your dog's diet with pomegranate extract, as it will have the best dosing and supply recommendations.

My Dog ​​Ate a Pomegranate: Symptoms To Look For

Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?
Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

If your dog has eaten a raw pomegranate, do not worry too much! Even if they eat all the fruit, seeds, peel and everything else, it is better to watch their reaction. Provide plenty of water and monitor their symptoms. If your dog has an adverse reaction to pomegranate, it could cause vomiting, but not much else, and any stomach pain should not last long.

The digestive system of the dog will simply try to expel the fruit and then recover it quickly. Therefore, unless the vomiting is severe and prolonged, it is probably not necessary to take your dog to the vet if he reacts by eating a pomegranate.

Did your dog eat pomegranate seeds? Small amounts of pomegranate seeds are unlikely to cause any problems to your dog. In fact, they would make a nice little snack if your dog is interested, as long as it's just a few.

Why Pomegranates Can Be Bad For Dogs

If your puppy had a grenade, do not panic. According to Smart Dog owners, they are not toxic.

He will probably only experience a brief episode of belly disorder and may vomit. Dogs are not supposed to have a fruit-based diet and are not able to process the seeds very effectively, so pomegranate in their fruit is a double hazard to their digestive system.

Disadvantages Of Pure Pomegranate Diet For Dogs

Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?
Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

Even if we want our dog friends to be like us, the fact is they are not. Dogs have unique digestive needs, and it turns out that the super punch of antioxidants in grenades does not suit your puppy's belly. According to Can I give my dog: "The pomegranate is loaded with anthocyanins and ellagic acid and tannins. Your dog might not be able to consume these powerful antioxidants in concentrated form. "

Also, keep in mind that the pomegranates are full of seeds that contain the juice both sweet and tart. Of course, we know how to chew the seeds to release the juice, but the dogs are so plucky that they could swallow them whole.

The hard outer part, called the aril, can be difficult to digest by dogs, which is another factor that can lead to digestive problems.

What Parts Of The Pomegranate Can Dogs Eat?

The only part of the pomegranate that I can give to my dog ​​indicates that it can eat in small quantities, it is the juice. As we discussed, the other parts may not be toxic to your furry friend, but they probably will not be useful either. And why bother giving foods that are not useful when there are many safer and more satisfying alternatives?

How Should You Give The Pomegranate To Your Dog?

Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?
Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

Now that we know that dogs tend to have trouble eating pomegranate, we wanted to find other ways to incorporate pomegranate into your dog's diet. Using these methods, your four-legged friend can get her antioxidant intake without digestive problems - it's a win-win situation! However, do not forget to always consult your veterinarian before adding anything to your pet's diet.

1. Pomegranate Extract - Recent studies by the Mercola team have shown that pomegranate extract is effective in reducing heart disease in your dog. And because heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in dogs, it's great news! According to Healthy Pets, pomegranate extract could be effective as part of a "multidimensional food strategy aimed at reducing the onset and progression of oxidative stress induced by canine disease."

With the permission of your veterinarian, try adding a teaspoon of pomegranate extract to your dog's dry food for a boost of antioxidant.

2. Pomegranate Dog Treats - Another way to add pomegranate to your dog's diet, especially if it likes the taste of sweet and juicy fruit, is to give it high-quality treats containing grenade.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranate fruits are very nutritious and have many health benefits when consumed by humans. The small seeds, which are the edible part of the fruit, have a delicious cranberry-like citrus taste and are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. Despite all these benefits for humans, it is not recommended to give dogs pomegranate seeds.

Why Can Not I Feed My Dog ​​With Pomegranate Seeds?

Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?
Can My Dog ​​Eat Pomegranate? Is Pomegranate Safe For Dogs?

Although dogs can benefit from the health benefits of certain fruits and vegetables, pomegranate seeds can be difficult for the digestive system of your four-legged companion. Unlike other highly toxic fruits for the dog, such as grapes and rhubarb, pomegranate seeds are not really toxic. However, the high acidity of pomegranate seeds can harm your dog's digestive system, which is known to be more sensitive than that of humans. Each dog may react differently when eating a pomegranate seed - and some dogs may be affected very negatively. For this reason, it is just more prudent not to feed your dog's pomegranate seeds.

What Can Happen If I Feed My Dog With Pomegranate Seeds?

One of the reasons why pomegranate seeds are so healthy is their richness in antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is called tannins (or steroids). Although healthy for humans, tannins are unhealthy for dogs in large quantities. Some of the side effects that can occur after consuming tannin in dogs include severe upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

What Should I Do If I Have Already Fed My Dog With Pomegranate Seeds?

If your dog has eaten pomegranate seeds, it is recommended that you have a veterinarian. In most cases, dogs vomit alone after consuming the pomegranate seeds. It is advisable to provide your dog with plenty of water if he vomits or has loose stools.

In some cases, dogs may not suffer from health problems by eating the seeds. The seeds are not toxic to dogs. However, it is always advisable to eat pomegranate seeds in a safe place out of reach of dogs. If you live in an area where grenadiers grow, you should do your best to keep your dog away from the fallen parts of the fruit.

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